Greece: Offices of ‘Greek Assembly’ destroyed by antifascists in Ioannina


On the night of Monday, 23.11.15 we completely destroyed the office of “Greek Assembly” (right-wing nationalist organization) on Tzavela street in ‪Ioannina‬. It’s the second time these offices have been destroyed. The first time was in July when the ‘antifascist renovation demolition workshop’ claimed responsibility for it’s destruction. It seems that the owner G. Nikilaidis did not seriously consider the consequences of granting shelter to fascists…carrying the torch of the struggle we are confident that the movement of militant anti-fascism in Ioannina will prevent the spread of fascist poison no matter what form it takes.

Ioannina was, is and will remain A CITY CLEAN FROM FASCISTS.

Anti-Greek Assembly

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