Germany: Deutsche Bank branch trashed in Hanover by ‘Black Bears’


On the night between the 13th and 14th of December, the Hanover branch of Deutsche Bank was attacked with paint inside and outside by direct action group the Black Bears. The group released photographs of their action and a communique explaining the reasons behind it. Deutsche Bank was specifically targeted for being one of the number one financiers of the coal industry and other major polluters responsible for the climate crisis. The action was also taken in response to the farcical COP21 ‘Climate Change Conference’ that recently took place in Paris, France.

“..An economic sytem in which money is earned via the destruction of our environment is unsustainable! They cannot be a part of the solution when they are obviously a part of the problem..’System Change, Not Climate Change’..fight for the overthrow of capitalism and the existing relations of domination…fight for a free and open society based on the principles of solidarity that sees itself as a part of the environment.”

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