Turkey: Statement from Revolutionary Anarchist Action (DAF) about the Paris Massacre


On 13th of November, more than 150 people have lost their lives and tens injured in 7 different neighborhoods of Paris as a result of coordinated ISIS attacks with bombs and guns. The murderer ISIS continues its murders outside of the Middle East and Anatolia regions. The massacre which took place in Paris shows clearly that ISIS terror knows no bounds. —- We feel the massacre in Paris deeply and share your sorrow. We have lived and still living through ISIS attacks supported by the state. From Şengal to Kobane, from Pirsus (Suruç) to Ankara, we have lost many comrades and friends. We are aware of the fact that the massacres aim to create fear, distrust and loneliness on us. Our pain is great and increases every day. In these periods, We have to grow the solidarity against the murderers that want to bury us into fear, loneliness and isolation.

We see the simultaneous moves of the french state and other states aiming to direct the process. We know that these same strategies are realized in our region under the name of “Fight against Terror”. In this environment of distrust, people have a psychology of panic which is directed by the ideological devices of the state; the state oppression of revolutionaries and state politics restricting the freedom of the oppressed will be politically legitimized; and the racist discourse and politics will increase. The states use these extraordinary periods for their political, economic and social interests.

We understand the situation that the peoples living in France are and will be in. We know the difficulty of carrying on one side the sorrow of the lost ones and on the side, struggling against the fascist mobilisations in the society created by the state. We stress that, even with this hardship, the struggle should be against the fear, the state and fascism.

The sorrow you live is our sorrow, The rage you feel is our rage, your fight is our fight!

Devrimci Anarşist Faaliyet-DAF (Revolutionary Anarchist Action)

(via A-infos)

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4 Responses to Turkey: Statement from Revolutionary Anarchist Action (DAF) about the Paris Massacre

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  2. Autonomous Action Radio says:

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  4. Nicky says:

    Paris attack and the Western powers with their “”Terror Organization”” all around the world!!
    Who funded their weapons?
    It is clear the international arms industry thrives on religious or any other kind of conflict/war.
    Permanent war in Middle East and killing of millions innocent is one of them.
    Why the media is blind about direct involvement of Western powers (US, EU, Zionism, Russia and China as well) in ongoing war and murder in Middle East??
    Colonisation of three other continents, slavery and starvation in Africa, turning millions of innocent refugees in Western countries into the cheap workers / slavery, huge industry of international “Human Trafficking”, funding ISIS, Saudi corrupt regime and Israel, bringing fascist Islamic regime of Iran to power, helping fascist Turkish regime, and thousands of other crime??
    US democracy in “”Abu Ghoraib Prison””???
    The war on terror “”is a terror””. It’s undeniable. It has always been about a twisted game of global chess and “WE” need to expose this…
    Paris? or silence of corrupt media about every day “9/11” in Middle East? Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria…??
    Be aware, be clever! Protect yourself from the media fever!
    Whenever there is a big story in the media, make sure war criminals and their puppet are doing some other deal against humanity behind closed door!
    Think about:
    The true monsters of the world and the 1% Corporation making money off the attacks and endless war…

    Love and Solidarity



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