Remember Przychodnia: Fight Fascism, Patriotism and Militarism! (UK)

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Today, on Armistice Day, No Fixed Abode Anti-Fascists took the steps of Euston War Memorial against patriotism and for solidarity with anti-fascist and anti-militarist struggle.

Two years ago on this day, the Przychodnia squat in Warsaw successfully resisted an attack by neo-fascists on the ‘March for Independence’. Refusing to intervene, police blocked people from reaching the nationalists, who set two cars alight and threw molotovs at the squat. Two squatters were injured while repelling the fascists from the roof.

The wars of the rich and street battles of their nationalist lackeys have a history of resistance by people of no fixed abode. On 20th September 2014, squatters in Calais Bleriot Avenue defended against a fascist attack after a demonstration in the city. During Franco’s rule in Spain, underground squats in Catalonia provided spaces for political refugees, organising and urban resistance. On one occasion in Auschwitz, hundreds of Romani people refused to be taken away and so resisted with knives and bricks. The black poppy remembers those on any or no side who resisted, rebelled and mutinied against the First World War and all wars after.

The anti-fascist resistance at Przychodnia contrasts with the patriotism of today’s Remembrance. A hub of far-right activity on the ground, Remembrance Day phrases British patriotism and anti-German xenophobia as anti-fascist struggle. As the British Legion and Lockheed Martin clap for money and the crowd claps for “national identity”, everywhere people struggle against fascism, patriotism and militarism.

(sent to us by No Fixed Abode Anti-Fascists)

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2 Responses to Remember Przychodnia: Fight Fascism, Patriotism and Militarism! (UK)

  1. wolnyspoecznynarodowy says:

    The worst thing is that you, anarchists and anti-fascists, think of themselves as anti-system and libertarians, and are really useful morons of globalists and world elites. Once you and your hidden bosses are eliminated in the end, and finally there will be peace and normality.Your retardism and antinatural ideas are only for amoral jerks.Equality does not exist in nature, there’re no 56 sexes, human races are genetically and anatomically different and you are hyenas in human skin.The only difference from ISIS is that you, still, do not have a weapon.We, normal people, are not servants of rich people and banksters, we do not kill people of other nationalities and, unlike you, we do not live on state or parents’ allowances, we do not destroy property, we do not degenerate society, we do not collaborate with invaders from Africa and the Middle East and we are not mercenary bandits of the System.Besides, tell me if it is a crime to live in a friendly way with your neighbor, support the economy, protect normality and wisdom, live like a normal person, respect the achievements of your ancestors and fight stupidity (these are the traits of patriotism that you zoologically hate)?Fight the leftism, stupidity, anti-patriotism and shatter the System. Death to the enemies of the Motherland, Freedom and Naturalness !!!

    And this article so pissed me that in the previous commentary in the last place instead of “anti-patriotism” I put “anarchism”. Ehhh.


  2. Remember Las Vegas-Blunt antifascism,anarchism and anarchism!!!

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